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"He's mad that trusts in the tameness of a wolf, a horse's health, a boy's love, or a whore's oath."
- Shakespeare, King Lear 3. 6. 18-19
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The Uncle Dave Organization

The Uncle Dave Organization (TUDO) is a philanthropical organization that offers it's services to community minded groups. Some groups often buck the status quo but, none the less, are fighting for individual rights and freedoms. Other groups are little heard of yet very necessary to society.

TUDO is based in South Florida so, obviously, most information relates to our local area. However, that does not mean the information listed here is only for South Florida ... If you haven't noticed already, the world is shrinking with lots of help from the World Wide Web.

If you know of an organization that you think may qualify and would like a free web page contact Uncle Dave below.
Are you reasonably intelligent and articulate? I am always looking for "editorials". If you would like to express an opinion?
Read "How to submit an editorial" to Uncle Dave.

How can YOU help?

Help a soldier out. Send a letter, a package ... from a toothbrush to a "goodie package" ... www.anysoldier.us can help you get a message to our fighting men and women. Their web site list items needed/requested and how to send them over, including what NOT to send. Have a look today!
Reguardless of your politics, www.anysoldier.us just wants to help the troops on the ground.

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Colorado Tower Works, Aurora, Co
Electronic Island, Royal Palm Beach, FL
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Uncle Dave's Information Sections

http://www.pbcares.org is Palm Beach County Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES)
Here you will find information on Amateur "Ham" Radio, Palm Beach County, Florida's ARES / RACES program, and communications at public service events. What is "ARES" and "RACES" ... click and find out ...

Information includes;

Emergency Preparedness Pages
[Storm Grafix] Please see PBC ARES (Palm Beach County Amateur Radio Emergency Service) for more Emr. Prep. Info.

Also have a look at (and feel free to print any of this information)
Uncle Dave's Hurricane Prep List & Uncle Dave's First Aid kit.

[Lara on a Bike] The Motorcycle Section
Motorcycles and Motorcycle Rights are very big for Uncle Dave. Here you will find the link to South East Chapter of Florida ABATE including information on Florida Government and Legislative actions. (Personal Opinion; If you ride, join your local ABATE chapter!)
Also, in this section, a motorcycle events calendar, late breaking motorcycle events, road and party stories.

Uncle Dave's Opinion; The American Automobile Ass. wants to glue a helmet on your head. Read Dave's opinion on Motorist Clubs.

[Lara with guns] The Firearms Section
Also be sure to check out the links page
Inside here you'll find information from the NRA Grassroots organization and other articles to keep you informed on leagl issues, the gun-grabbers and other information you'll need to exercise your Second Amendment Rights!

Remember, as with any of your G-d given rights; Use 'em or loose 'em!
And folks, they are G-d given. Your rights are not a "granted" privilege by the state or The Federal Government. Patriots during the Revolutionary War fought and died for many of the rights we enjoy today. We should not disgrace them or thier memory.

A good place to start would be The National Rifle Association.

Other Information and hard to find references;
Uncle Dave's Classifieds, ya never know what you'll find... The New Bill of Rights as written by
State Representative Mitchell Kaye
Conversions & Standards Chart. A handy list of Anniversary Gifts
Birthstones & Flowers. GPS Landmarks around Florida.
Wierd Science

Some "Fun" Pages;
Uncle Dave's list of Quotes & Stickers
(a whole section)
A new list of Dog Breeds.
The Rules of the Pack. Hysterical Convertion Chart; New Math.
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